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Aida Batlle is a fifth-generation coffee producer operating her family’s three farms—Fincas Los Alpes, Kilimanjaro, and Mauritania—in El Salvador’s Santa Ana region. In 2003, Aida entered her first Cup of Excellence competition and won with Kilimanjaro; Los Alpes placed 16th.

The buyers from that original auction remain some of her most loyal customers today. Coffees from the Batlle family farms, as well as Aida’s own Finca Tanzania, and the farms in Brazil, and Mexico that have been endorsed under the Aida Batlle Selection (ABS) certification, have been showcased in national barista competitions in the United States, South Korea, and Greece, among others, as well as in the World Barista and World Brewers Cup Championships. A former director on the Specialty Coffee Association Board.

Aida is known for her progressive and ground-breaking work developing cascara and delving into experimental processing techniques with her roaster partners.

Since 2009, the Aida Batlle Selection (ABS) program, along with J. Hill Y CIA has tirelessly sourced exceptional coffees. Year after year, the lots that earn the sought-after ABS certification are unfailingly snatched up by internationally distinguished roasters and cutting-edge cafes and are consistently celebrated at the most revered barista and roaster competitions internationally.

In addition to the ABS / J Hill Y CIA program in El Salvador, Aida is thrilled to announce the expansion of her global presence through a partnership with the legendary ECOM coffee, whose experience in producing, milling and exporting coffees, are launching ABS to new heights. ECOM’s reputation for nurturing large and small-scale farmers alike makes this collaboration with Aida – herself one of the industry’s most forward-thinking producers – a perfect fit. Work has already begun in Mexico, with Aida’s newly minted certification of a handful of extraordinary farms. Thanks to this partnership with ECOM, Aida Batlle Selection is on track to keep growing, admirably and thoughtfully, year by year into the future, in a now global pursuit of coffees whose quality is simply unparalleled.


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