Aida Batlle Selection is now live!
Aida Batlle Selection is now live!
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Aida Batlle Selection


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Aida Batlle’s 2020 release of Indigo Reserve for the home connoisseur hails from her family’s world renowned Finca Kilimanjaro in El Salvador. This coffee has been processed using a unique method that she has developed through years of experiments, this process named “Iced Cascara”, incorporates the entire coffee fruit to give the resulting cup a flavour the transcends anything she has ever done before.

Finca Kilimanjaro and Aida Batlle are both names that reverberate quality. They made their appearance in Speciality Coffee in 2003, when in her first year as coffee producer, Aida became the first woman to ever secure the converted winning title of “Cup of Excellence”. Finca Kilimanjaro is home to some of the finest coffee varieties in the world. High quality Kenyan varieties SL-28 and SL-34, renowned for their pronounced fruit flavours, grow interspersed with the tall Bourbon trees that were first brought to the region by Aida’s great great grandfather.

Each 12oz bag of roasted coffee (by Panther Coffee in Miami, FL) showcases the Iced
Cascara process and provides a unique insight into her innate curiosity. Tasting of candied oranges, fresh red cherries and Speyside whiskey this elegant coffee will quickly become a firm favourite.

Finca Kilimanjaro
Altitude: 1580 – 1720 masl
Varieties: Kenya SL28, Kenya SL34 and Bourbon
Process: Iced Cascara
Flavour: Candied orange acidity, juicy fresh cherries, smooth Speyside whiskey.